Update on Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services for Northern Ireland

As a team, we are still very excited about the news of Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Services for NI!

We also remain committed to seeing these implemented asap!

We know many have lots of questions about what’s happening so we wanted to share with you where things at both campaign wise and also planning wise.

Join me as I chat below to Dr Janine Lynch & Dr Julie Anderson from The Royal College of Psychiatrists NI and Tom McEneaney Aware NI about how things are progressing including:

– What is a Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Team and WHERE, HOW and WHEN will these be available?

– What is a Mother & Baby Unit and what’s happening with the campaign for that for NI?

– What about Dads/Partners/Wider Family support, awareness and education?

– Where does Peer Support, both within the Specialist Team and also the community/voluntary sector, fit into all of this?

Hopefully this is helpful!

We don’t have all the answers but we are working away behind the scenes (in either a voluntary or professional capacity) to move this forward – we know mums and families here both need and deserve all of these services and more!

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