Support 2gether

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My name is Una. Myself and my sister, Brenda, started up Support 2gether because I suffered, and my family along with me suffered, with Postnatal depression.

I was so excited to be a mum. I lived and breathed childcare and set myself very high standards, strived for perfection. 

Months after the birth of our beautiful daughter, I felt “something was missing!”

 But I had everything.  A great hubby and a healthy child, a roof over my head and a few pennies in my pocket!

 The sparkle had gone from my eyes and I was smiling through gritted teeth.

 “Sure it’s no bother to you” a quote from a friend.

 So why was I going insane, suppressing emotions of fear – if I speak to someone, will our daughter be taken away?

I was so over protective of our daughter, watching her sleep/ breathe. Only “I” could look after her! 
Standards I set myself from, the day she was born, always came back to haunt me.

 The washing machine started in my head. Am I the only one, am I going insane, why me!, I should know this, does no one see the pain behind my smile? Am I the only one?  Am I going in sane? Why me?….round and round and round, day after day, going through the motions – existing not living.

My world was my home, I had no desire to leave it. I did not even know it had a front or back door.
 My home is where I let the depression set in, breed …take over and be the boss, yet I felt safe there.

 I was so so alone; felt I could not talk to anyone. I pushed everyone away
 “What was missing”? It was me..”.Una.”

This illness affects 1 in 10 mums and 1 in 25 fathers, a lot of people like myself are not aware that this illness exists and they live in silence.

 10 years down the line of motherhood, I am still here with a wonderful daughter and son. Living with ups and downs.

 Myself and my sister have gained such passion through our experience and I would be willing to tell the world that I had Postnatal depression, and on the way educate  – “Minds, like parachutes, function better when open.”

We are so willing to hold out our hands and let other mothers/families know that they “are not alone” .

Support 2gether has devised a programme which is aimed to NORMALIZE the illness. 

Postnatal depression is very much present in a lot of families, it will take over but with the help from other mothers we can beat it ” 2GETHER.”

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You can contact us on our Facebook page for support here for information on who we are and where we meet for our support group’s. Also, look out for our new website coming soon..