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FB_IMG_1455820766932Empathy Counselling is a Counselling Service with a difference. We are completely Patient-led, which is where our online service was born. Here we understand taking that first step to Counselling is not easy, so here we go at your pace. You can book your appointment and share as much or as little information as you are comfortable with, it’s at your pace. Here we can build your confidence together to step into face to face Counselling and help to build a brighter future.

Postnatal Depression:
Postnatal depression can happen in the first year after giving birth. It can build from the first week where “baby blues” can be experienced, or can come later.

Postnatal depression is so difficult – here you are with the baby you’ve longed for, tried for and were so excited to have. The world expects you to be happy, yet all you feel is sad. You’ve lost interest in everything, and not only are you exhausted from the night feeds and parenthood, but you are feeling helpless, drained and withdrawn, yet you can’t sleep. The little person who is now depending on you, you are finding it difficult to bond with. Your thoughts are so mixed up, and often dark. Then guilt creeps in and you avoid friends/family as you are not what you think they are expecting you to be…..you feel alone.

If you are feeling unusually low after having your baby-do not feel guilty, recognise the signs and seek help:

1. Do not push away help – talk to family/friends, accept their help, enjoy the rest
2. Speak to a professional –  your midwife/GP may be a first step, or our online service is available, phone service, or face to face, or any local service that fits best to your needs.

Postnatal depression can effect mums and dads. It can be caused by many factors. It can happen to anyone. It is NOT your fault

Recognise the signs and seek help.

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