Perinatal Mental Health Training with RC Psych NI

I joined The Royal College of Psychiatrists NI on Thursday 13th February to speak at their 2 day Regional Multi-Disciplinary Perinatal Mental Health Training Event.

This is the 6th of its kind, in the last 2 years.

Once again we had a packed room, full of Health Care Professionals willing to listen and wanting to learn.

With approx 70 attendees at each of these event (including psycharitry, psychology, midwives, health visitors, social workers and CPN’s) each of the six times it has ran, we really do have a skilled workforce ready to go!

Now all we need is Specialist Services in place, in each of the 5 Health Trusts, to allow these dedicated people to take up roles.

Days like today, working and speaking alongside the likes of Janine Lynch, Julie Anderson, Shona Hamilton and Mary Duggan, seeing such passion and commitment make me even more hopeful for the future of Perinatal Mental Health in Northern Ireland!

Here’s to 2020 being the year for change…