PEG – Parent Engagement Group

PEG was established in August 2021 by Naomi McBurney (#BringItBackToPrimary) and Lindsay Robinson (from Have you seen that girl?) as they both passionately care about the welfare and wellbeing of parents, families, young people and children and recognised that the impact of School Uniforms (and the associated costs) was an issue that needed to be urgently addressed.

They are joining by an expert team (including Orla O’Hagan and Tim Cairns) and are working in collaboration with The Secondary Students’ Union NI

In order to address this issue and to encourage the Minister for Eduction and their Department to take appropriate action, they have produced “School Uniforms in Northern Ireland, A Discussion Paper”.

This will be presented to the Education Minister at a meeting on November 9th.

You can read and download it here: School Uniforms in Northern Ireland, A Discussion Paper

If you or your organisation would like to endorse it, please get in touch.

Contact PEG at:

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