‘On the Sofa’ with Have you seen that girl?

For 2018, I’ll have a new, ongoing, series – ‘On the sofa’ with Have you seen that girl?

I’ll be chatting with mums about why Maternal Mental Health is important to them, hearing a little of their life story and what they currently ‘do’ and any tips they have to share.

It’s going to be informal and fun! I’m hoping to have mums from lots of different backgrounds, circumstances, ages and stages of life. Some will have struggled with PND (or a similar illness) other won’t… but all will agree that taking care of ourselves as mums (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) is key to our personal wellbeing.

This is just another way of sharing stories, talking openly and positively about motherhood and wellbeing (although honest about the struggles, as is always the case here at Have you seen that girl?) and continuing to create community.

The interviews will be 5-10 minutes long, easy going and filmed on my computer – so no big fuss! I have already chatted to a couple of mums and have others in mind, to be involved. But if you feel you know someone you’d love to see included in the ‘On the sofa’ series then please email me with your suggestions – haveyouseenthatgirl@outlook.com

Guest posts/stories (in written form) will continue as normal – so if you feel you’d personally like to contribute to Have you seen that girl? I’d love to hear from you too!