NEWS! SPMH Services for ALL of NI

🎉🎉 WE DID IT 🎉🎉

I thought I’d dance but I actually cried as we met this morning!

I was delighted to be invited to meet with Health Minister Robin Swann as the #SpecialistPerinatalNI news was officially announced – FUNDING for teams in EVERY TRUST! Press release link below.

As a mum with lived experience I’ve honestly given my all to this for 5 years. It’s been huge personal goal and part of the key work of Have you seen that girl?

There have been days I’ve wondered about giving up and shutting up! But here we finally are.

I’m exhausted, emotional & excited.

I’ve been very privileged to lead on this campaign and to be well enough to do so, despite lack of services when I/we needed them most.

Thank you to all the wonderful Health Care Professionals I have worked alongside in this effort.

I know these services will make a difference – they can and will save lives.

I’ll reflect more on this news in the coming days but HUGE THANK YOU to everyone (all of you reading this) who have supported and got involved with Have you seen that girl? these past 5 years – WE DID IT!!

Next stop – MBU. But I’ll pause to rest and celebrate for a little bit first. We’ve earned that, I think!