#MeYouDontSee | Mums Mind NI

“I’m supporting the #MeYouDontSee’ campaign. Designed to remind you that social media is a false front.

That there are people who are struggling underneath the calm, smiling exterior!

Never take anything at face value.

This photo was taken on holidays in Ibiza 3 years ago. Standard holiday selfie, lucky me, right?

Look closer.

I’d been picking at my lips until they bled. My collar bones show how much I wasn’t eating, and throwing up every day with anxiety.

Truth is, my mental health was about to take a pretty sharp dive and my relationship ended within 2 weeks of this photo.

Remember, you are never alone in your struggle.

❤️❤️ Mums Mind”

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What’s your #MeYouDontSee?

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