Meeting with the NI Health Minister about Perinatal Mental Health

On Tuesday 11th February, we had a very productive meeting with the Health Minister (Robin Swann) who listened, asked questions, engaged fully and clearly is invested the whole area of mental health in Northern Ireland, including perinatal and maternal.

From all we discussed and heard, we remain positive that Specialist Perinatal Mental Health services and an MBU are a real priority, for both the Minster and the Department of Health, and we are hopeful they will soon become a reality.

We realise that ACTION is what’s needed and so, from our point of view, at the meeting we committed to further engagement and partnership with them to support this process, in the coming weeks. We left the room with work to do and we are okay with that!

We are 100% committed to do all we can to see these vital services available to women, infants and families in Northern Ireland.

The Minister heard, appreciated and thanked us all for our continued work and we plan to be in contact with him again shortly and hopefully to see him, personally, in a couple of months.

The campaign continues, the work continues, we continue to do all we can!

I arrived at the meeting hopeful, I came home for the meeting still hopeful but even more determined that 2020 must the year that things change

Ever the optimist!

I’m aware of the huge privilege and responsibility it is to campaign on this issue and the number of stories, mums, infants and families I represent.

Thank you for trusting me with this.