Maternal Mental Health debate at Westminster

Thursday 19th July, NCT‘s fantastic Hidden Half campaign was debated in Parliament, Westminster Hall.

I’ve been delighted to support this campaign, over the last 6 months and it’s great to see it getting the attention it deserves.

See more about my work with NCT and #HiddenHalf HERE & HERE

I’m also very thankful to Jim Shannon MP who was able to attend and contribute about Maternal Mental Health in Northern Ireland.

Jim took time with me, before the debate, to learn more about what’s happening here and what needs to change. I talked to him wearing lots of different hats – as a Mum, as Have you seen girl?, as a NCT volunteer and as the Maternal Mental Health Alliance NI Everyone’s Business Co-ordinator.

I thank him for packing as much as possible of the information I gave him into his speech!

In it he praises NCT and the support they offer new parents, including our local branches here in NI, while also offering full support to the Hidden Half campaign.

He shared some of my personal story and about the work of Have you seen that girl? But crucially he highlighted that 80% of NI still does not have access to the specialist services/support they need & deserve.

He also detailed our 3 current campaign goals –

1. We need a Mother & Baby Unit in Northern Ireland

2. We need specialist services in all 5 of the Health Trust (currently only available in Belfast)

3. We need funding for community based Peer Support – Jim shared the desire of myself and many other NI NCT volunteers to see the NCT ‘Parents in Mind’ programme brought here.

Thanks again to Jim, it’s vital we keep highlighting our campaign as often as we can, in all different places and circumstances!

Follow the whole debate at –

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Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Everyone’s Business –