Let’s get Bags of Hope to parents together!

For the next 12 months (Sep 17-18) one of my top priorities with Have you seen that girl? (HYSTG?) is getting Bags of Hope into the hands of parents. 

Here’s what they include:

Have you seen that girl? leaflet


Tea Bags

Colouring Book & Pencils

Chocolate & Sweets 

Voucher for Tribal Fitness Session

Discount voucher for Bambino Massage NI

More details about the Bags HERE

I have managed to get almost 250 of them out to parents, myself, these past 6 months. But I still have funding for almost 1000 more of them, so I need some help to get them further and wider!


I’m looking for 5 PARTNERS IN NORTHERN IRELAND, who’d like to help get these to parents.

I’m also aware that a good proportion of the crowdfunding support came from outside Northern Ireland, which is fantastic!

With that in mind, I’m also happy to partner with ONE ORGANISATION from each of





The only difference being, two of the vouchers in the Bag are for NI organistions – you might want to consider adding in some of your own for your local area. (Please bear in mind, I may need some assistance with travel expenses, especially with bringing the Bags, & possibly a bed for the night, depending on location & time of event.)

I’ve already agreed to collaborate with Tribal Fitness & Bambino Massage, which I am delighted about.

Who’s if for?

Any organisation (satutory or voluntary), group, community project, foundation, support base, peer-support network, church or faith group etc who’d like to be involved!

What will it involve for you?

Do you already have contact with parents, parents-to-be (mums and/or dads) or families who you think would benefit from Bags of Hope? Fantastic – you’re all set!

If you don’t currently have something suitable happening, then you can still be involved!

Could you reach out to parents with something (large of small) which has ONE (or more) of the following as it’s focus:

  • A fun activity, where parents can feel relaxed, comfortable (with or without little ones) and perhaps make connections with others that last beyond the event.
  • Raise awareness of Perinatal Mental Health with parents and the wider community.
  • Provide support for parents by encouraging open and honest conversation about mental & emotional wellbeing and all the various struggles that parents can face.
  • Builds on an existing network you have with parents, further reminding them they are not alone and it’s “okay to say” when they things are hard.

(I’m happy to chat through ideas about what you could do – it doesn’t have to lots of work, sometimes keeping it simple is better and more effective!)

You don’t have to be an “expert” in parenting or mental health to take part, nor do you need to “work” in this area. This is about reaching out to parents and the more variety of partners the better.

What will you receive?

 – 50-100* Bags of Hope

– Promotion of the partnership/event via my network.

– If applicable, I would also be happy to speak, network, share my story, offer support or advice to anyone who attends. (Due to both of our diaries, it might not always be possible for me to attend in person – we can make arrangements for collection/delivery of the bags).

Check out my TED TALK or Interview on Radio Ulster, which will give you an idea of my story & speaking content. (You could also considering playing my TedTalk, if you wanted).

If you’d like to contact local press about our connection, that would also be great – I can help with providing press statements, if needs be.

*50-100, will be decided by HYSTG? depending on type of event etc. Any not used at the event/activity can be kept for you to distribute at another time, to parents, as you see fit.

What will it cost?

The bags of hope are always free to parents, they have been crowdfunded.

HYSTG? is not a charity or business, it’s a “movement” which I give my time to and energy to. If you are well-funded organisation, perhaps you could consider making a donation to the work of HYSTG? – that simply means I can reach more parents.

Working with individuals?

I’ve had a number of enquiries from individuals who’d like one or two Bags – maybe for a friend of family member. Many of you have also offered to pay for the Bags and, again, any donation to the work is  very much-needed. It’s not possible for me, logistically, to get many Bags to individuals and the Bags don’t post well – they end up looking tatty.

However, over the next couple of months I will have one day of pick up for the Bags in Belfast and one day for pick up of the Bags in Portstewartonly if there is enough demand .  Please email me, as below, to register your interest in collecting one (or more) of the Bags for you to personally pass on to a mum/dad or family. If successful, I will run the same in the New Year.

I am happy to talk to anyone who is keen to improve Perinatal Mental Health and support parents.

I’d love to hear from you, even it it’s just to find out more – there’s no pressure to commit. 

Email me Lindsay, at, haveyouseenthatgirl@outlook.com – let’s do this together!