I was labelled as an “over anxious parent”.

First time mum…. wow, I’ve never really had anyone articulate just how difficult those first few months can really be. It was an emotional rollercoaster! I desperately wanted to breast feed, not because I felt pressured into it and not because I think all babies should be, it was just important to me. Two weeks in and I was pulling my hair out, it was grim, I was unhappy and spent most of the time on the sofa in tears.

I was grateful to have lots of support from my partner but his paternity leave was short lived and from there I was on my own. Lyra was constantly unsettled and appeared to be in pain. This tiny little baby that I loved with every fibre of my being wasn’t happy and nothing I was doing seemed to be helping. After countless trips to the GP I was labelled as an “over anxious parent”, not the best language to use with a new and very hormonal mum!

Four weeks in I insisted she be admitted to hospital and it was after a three-night stay that she was diagnosed with reflux and CMPA. I breathed a sigh of relief and was reassured that she would now be treated properly but as anyone who’s experienced similar will know, everything is trial and error when it comes to new-borns. I can honestly say the first four months of parenthood were not enjoyable. It was a typical London summer, ridiculously hot, and I used to dread going out and about due to anxiety and as I was still finding my way. Lyra was poorly and I was exhausted, physically and mentally, it wasn’t how I imagined our first summer together to be.

Thankfully things started to slowly improve from this point onwards, my little lady was happy and so was I!

We started attending baby groups once or twice a week and it was a relief to be able to speak to other mums and find out that we were all experiencing similar ups and downs of raising our tiny humans!

At ten months old she was medication free and I was finally really enjoying being a mum. It was around this time that I took the decision not to return to my job as a nurse. Prior to mat leave I was working full time and had always planned to go back on a part time basis but decided not to as I’d be working solely to pay for childcare and didn’t want to miss out on precious time with Lyra. It was extremely difficult to walk away from my career that I studied hard for not mention leaving my salary behind. I did find maternity leave a little boring at times so started to research things I could do to keep the brain cells ticking over, earn some money and that would involve helping others. I studied to be a hypnobirth practitioner during mat leave and knew that I wanted to gain this qualification after having a hypnobaby myself but I also wanted to broaden my horizons further.

Before pregnancy I was fit and enjoyed regular exercise but throughout pregnancy I wasn’t able to do anything due to pelvic girdle dysfunction. Being incredibly unhappy with how I felt and looked in the year after giving birth, it made sense for me to get involved with something that would not only help me get back to being the best version of myself but that could help others do the same. After a lot of research and following using this awesome system myself with incredible results, I started my own business with a company that provides solutions for weight maintenance, energy and performance and healthy ageing. In a short space of time I have been transformed physically and mentally and feel incredibly passionate about sharing this with others who are also committed to changing their health and lifestyle for the better.

Prior to getting started I was low in mood, lacking energy, sleeping poorly and feeling stressed and my pre-pregnancy wardrobe was most definitely out of business! Parenthood is challenging, amazing but really difficult at times and being responsible for a little person means that we no longer have time for ourselves, right?! Are you tired of feeling tired?! I most certainly was. Now, I wake up every day feeling happy, have oodles of energy and actually enjoy playing with Lyra rather than clock watching for naptime so that I too could squeeze in forty winks. I’m sleeping better than I have in the last two years and my pre-pregnancy wardrobe is well and truly up and running again! I now believe that no mum should have to feel rubbish and I am crazily passionate about showing them how.

Don’t get me wrong, working from home can be difficult at times especially now that Lyra is older and needs more attention. It has required a lot of organisation and time management on my part and these days I tend to do most of my work in the evening or when she’s asleep but I love the flexibility that working from home offers.

Not only that but I get to connect with new people from all over the world every day and as I find being a stay at home mum can be lonely at times, this really helps. The team I work with are fun and supportive and a lot are stay at home mums like me, it’s a great community!

This type of work challenges me daily and has made me step outside of my comfort zone but I enjoy the sense of achievement I get from it. However, when all is said and done the best part for me is that I get to positively impact on people’s lives, now that you can’t beat!

Our team are always looking to help empower mums to be independent, achieve their goals whilst earning enough money to bring dads home from work, so if you would like to find out more about how you can get involved or would like to have a chat about improving your health please feel free to contact me: sarah.wat82@gmail.com / 07805047024.