Health Minister, Michelle O’Neill & Perinatal Mental Health

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A few months ago I wrote to the Health Minster (then Simon Hamilton, MLA) and the Health Committee about PMH in Northern about how and why we need to see improvements in the care available.

If you missed that Letter you can view it HERE. I got a response from Simon.

Following our recent election and new Executive at Stormont, I thought it was important to, once again, highlight PMH, with hope that our new Health Minister and Health Committee would keep it high on their agenda.

Here’s a copy of Michelle’s O’Neill’s, MLA response.


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To be fair, it’s very similar to Simon’s response, which is only natural. The issues have not changed and processes, significantly, in the last couple of months! So you can read Simon’s response and my review of that it HERE, most of which applies to this letter as well.

The one thing I will say, over and above what I mentioned in the previous linked post, is that the RQIA have been doing a fabulous review of the PMH services.

They have spoken to many mums – I know this because many of my readers have been in touch with them. They are taking seriously the need for change and improvement on this issue. I am so thankful to them and the work they are doing.

I would also like to give a ‘shout out’ to Theresa Nixon, Director at the RQIA and head of this review process, who is a committed reader of my blog. She has been wonderful to get to know, through this process. Thank you, Theresa and your team.

I know their findings will be launched late September and I am delighted to be able to be part of that day, when it happens. I will keep you all up-to-date, I promise!

I also sent the letter to the new Health Committee, Chair and Deputy Chair, hopefully I will get a response from them also – which I will make you get to see!

Things are moving forward, people are working together, there is hope in the air around this issue – I can sense it, I know we can see change, if we all play out part.