Have you seen that girl? in Reveal Magazine!

This week, www.haveyouseenthatgirl.com, Reuben and I are featured in Reveal Magazine!

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-09-37-17You might have heard that Adele (singer/songwriter) has spoken out about having Postnatal Depression and how she is “too scared to have another baby”. She was featured in Vanity Fair magazine and you can read the full article here: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/10/adele-cover-story

I understand! If you’ve been following my story you will know that the question of having another baby after PND is somethingI have considered and agonised over, been asked about, and written about. Reveal picked up on my post (from a few months ago) “PND & Baby No.2…” and wanted to talk to me about how I feel.

“All I know is being a mum with PND. I don’t know what’s it’s like the other way around. And while I imagine there is so much I have missed and so much to be enjoyed that I have no idea of, it frightens me. It frightens me because what if…

  • What if I do have an immediate bond with another baby, that I didn’t have with Reuben?
  • What if I don’t doubt a new baby to be mine? How will that feel and what will it mean for me and Reuben?
  • What if I do manage to BF this time and our connection is unshakeable?
  • What if I am a better mummy to someone else than I am to Reuben?

Oh, the list goes on. I will not have another baby because I will not do that to Reuben. I will not risk everything being different and him being the one to have lost out….AGAIN.” Read more here

It’s so important that they have also shared from another mummy (Hannah, from Tunbridge Wells) who has made a different decision to me (to have another baby after PND with the first) because as I said in the above post:

“I know to some of you this won’t make sense. It’s nowhere near what mums feel across the board. But it is how I feel – rightly or wrongly.”

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-11-26-52They have also linked my blog address to the article – yeah – and the wonderful people at PANDAS Foundation (who have been featured on Have you seen that girl? before).

If anyone is struggling, looking for support, help or community around PND, don’t be alone  – reach out and get help you need and deserve. You can recover from PND and you don’t have to feel as I do about having another baby! But I understand if you are finding that choice a really hard one to make!

Thanks Reveal and the lovely Paisley Gilmore – she was great to work with!