Have you joined “Mums NI” yet?

Hello, we are Mums NI.

We are a new online parenting resource for Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers in Northern Ireland.  Launched in May 2017, by husband and wife team Ray and Stef, we now have a membership of over 600 parents, which is growing daily.

We are here to help the parenting community of Northern Ireland by offering up a forum for all things parenting.  The forum is there for Members to ask questions, give answers, share information, offer support and basically grow together as one big community.  A first of it’s kind for Northern Ireland!  We also have a section for mental health where Members can come along for a chat and look up our recommended self help resources.

Having a young family ourselves, we understand that families can sometimes get stuck in a rut week in and week out.  Therefore we also provide an extensive list of family friendly events and things to do and see across Northern Ireland – so weekend activity planning becomes less of a hassle with a quick look at our up to date guides.

Being a parent can be a drain on your social life.  We know and we understand.  That is why we have created a Mums NI Book Club on the site.  You won’t need to leave your house, get a baby sitter or even put on your bra to take part!  Just grab one of the recommended books on the club, a cuppa and jump straight into the conversation.  We are all about bringing people together, albeit digitally, to help alleviate any loneliness they may be facing.

We ask our Members to submit their real live stories to be featured on our site which will offer advice and reassurance for other parents.  With this input we are creating a sense of belonging, ownership and general community spirit within our membership.  With this, we also encourage those parents who run their own businesses to submit articles, such as the benefits of baby massage, and use this service as a platform for self promotion of their own business.  We are all about helping each other grow and embracing each other’s qualities and services.

Mums NI are here because of the glaring gap that is present in relation to the online representation of parents in Northern Ireland.  Having struggled through a miscarriage, two pre term births and a bout of mild postnatal depression, we both felt that other online forums focussed entirely on England.  There was nothing local to Northern Ireland on those sites and it become frustrating trying to get useful advice and support.  Wanting to reach out to local people in the same boat as ourselves, looking for advice, a friendly ear and craic we were left feeling dissatisfied.  Hence Mums NI was born.

Looking to the future, Mums NI are open to suggestions from it’s Members.  So far we have been asked for an App, a buy and sell shop, competitions, useful promotions and Mums NI coffee mornings.  We will deliver.  We want Mums NI to become the place for all parents in  Northern Ireland to visit, to trust and to own.  We plan to evolve with the input from our Members.

Mums NI is your resource, it’s your community and it’s your hub for all things parenting.

Stop by and say hello, the community welcomes you: