Get Involved with Have you seen that girl?

Have you seen that girl? is a movement – meaning it’s about more that just me and my story! I am so thankful to the many other parents who have joined the cause – sharing stories, speaking publicly, fundraising, partnering to delivering Bags of Hope and organising events to raise awareness of parental mental health. The movement and momentum continue to grow because of all of them. Together we CAN and ARE making a difference, offering hope to others.

There are a number of ways to get involved –

Writing and sharing your story

We all have a story to tell, of how we have experienced parenthood and its ups and downs. Even if you haven’t had a mental illness or period of mental ill-health, I think we all know that life as a mum/dad can be really hard and challenging at times (as well as rewarding, fun etc…)

Sharing our stories can feel scary, daunting and isn’t easy. I know that personally.

Despite that it can be freeing and even form part of our personal growth/healing – I’ve definitely found that. It can also have an impact on that others around us, which in itself is a privilege. I am so thankful to every single person who has written and with that reached out to others, in ways I never could.  I’m convinced we need more honesty and genuine life experiences shared, in order for our communities and “villages” to grow.

I’m always looking for anyone who’d like to write and share – pregnancy, parenthood, mum tales, dad adventures, mental health, challenges, ideas, wisdom, learning, whatever age/stage of life you are at … your story, your experience matters. You have no idea who you will help and support by simply taking the time to share – your light, warmth and courage will not be wasted. 

You can find Guest Posts here – GUEST POSTS & STORIES



Money raised for Have you seen that girl? goes to create Bags of Hope. Over 2000 of these have been delivered to parents, in NI, over the last 18 months.

As well as crowd-funding and local business donations, groups, organisations and individuals have fundraised or made donations towards them e.g. Pramble in Portstewart, Schools sports day, Vintage Tea Party and much more.

If you would like to organise a fundraising event or to make a donation, I’d love to chat!


Awareness Raising Events

It’s been a pleasure to work alongside others, who have been keen to organise events within their own area/community to raise awareness of maternal mental health and reach out to others, offering hope.

I’ve been delighted to support these. Often it’s possible to for me to attend and speak, or to provide the Bags of Hope, or to send literature. If you’d like to organise an event, please get in touch!


Delivering Bags of Hope

It’s only been possible to deliver so many bags, into the hands of parents, by partnering with others!

So far this has included – Tiny Life,  Sure Starts, Via Health Visitors, Place of Grace, Me@8,  Centred SoulWRDA & Women’s Centres across Northern Ireland, Tribal FitnessBambino MassageMoment HealthInspireDaisy FoundationBaby Zone & Teenie Tots (Portstewart), Calm & ConnectedBritish Red Cross (South Belfast).

On some occasions, this has involved me attending an event, session or class and the Bags being given out then and there. Others have taken the Bags to distribute “as and when” but knowing they regularly come into contract with those who could use one.

If you’d like to talk more about what partnering to deliver involves, I’d love to hear from you. Take a read here to find out more about the Bags – BAGS OF HOPE

Feel free to email me about any of the above –