Fundraising for Have you seen that girl? “Bags of Hope”

I was gutted this week to find out that my first try at funding for my Bags of Hope, for Have you seen that girl?, has been unsuccessful.

I am now on the look out for more opportunities. While I am doing that I also decided to see if I can crowdfund some money towards them too! I’ve never done anything like this before, but there’s always a first time for everything…ekkk…I’m a bit nervous!

Anyway, here’s some details of what I am hoping to do:

“Being a parent is hard! For Mums or Dads who struggle with Postnatal Depression (or associated mental health issue) that adds extra pressure and stress. I know, I’ve been there!

Through this website I have been reaching out to other parents and helping to provide community and some peer support. It is so important to know that are we not alone and that there is help, hope and recovery is possible.

Due to speaking out, I now have lots of invites to share my story and to help encourage others, who are in a difficult place. It’s a real privilege to be able to do this.

I’d love to be able to leave a “Bag of Hope”, with anyone who hears my story – so that when they leave they take something with them to encourage them on the difficult days.

This will include –
Candle – to remind us of light and hope, when things are hard.
Adult Colouring Material – which is good for stress relief and relaxing.
Herbal Tea Bag(s) – wee hot cuppa for putting feet up with.
Chocolate and Sweet Treats – yum!
Card – with “Tops tips for Mental Health” & some encouraging words/quotes
Booklet – Which has my story of PND & recovery with places (local) to find help for anyone in need.  “


Here’s a draft version of what they could look this – but better as I didn’t have all the material available in the form I wanted, but needed to see if they would work.

I’ve tested the above version and here’s what someone sent me after the event  –

“Thank you for today. It was so lovely to get the bag of things at the end of the talk, it’s nice to be treated but also to be able to look through all the stuff when I got home and remind me of what you said and that I am not alone. I love the candle and enjoyed the chocolate and sweet treats straight away!” (Mum, from Coleraine)

I’d love your help to do this – each bag costs around £1.20 to make and produce. Every penny will go to them!

If you can help, I’d be so grateful. If could feel you could share this post and help me reach more people, that would be fab!

Here’s the link to my page on JustGiving –

If not, no problem – I’d love you to come and join me on here, on Twitter and on my Facebook page.

Thank you all! x

If you’d like to partner with me, in this project, in anyway please get in touch and I can provide more detailed information and we can chat –