Delivering Training with the Institute of Health Visiting

I was delighted to speak at the Institute of Health Visiting Perinatal Mental Health Champions Training, Tuesday 3rd March.

I was sharing my lived experience of maternal mental illness & the work of Have you seen that girl? with both midwives and neonatal staff.

Each time I share my story, I’m struck by a few things:

– How ill I was – time helps to lessen the memories but revisiting that seasons reminds me that I haven’t forgotten, in both body (physically) and mind (mentally).

 – How vital prevention, early intervention and awareness are – things would have been very different if one, or any of these, were present for me. Training like this is essential for all.

– How thankful I am to still be here, to get to play my part to support other mums and families in such a vital season of their lives. I might be a small part of the big picture but every part counts.

This is the second time I have joined them for this training and I look forward to doing so again at the end of April.