APG on Mental Health at Stormont, Parliament Buildings

Along with colleagues from Aware NI, MMHA and RC Psych NI, on Monday 17th February, I was able to give an update to the APG about the Business Case for Specialist Perinatal Mental Services, in light of our meeting with the Health Minister last week.

This working group has been a continued support and encouragement to our campaign and once again, today, was right behind us.

These meeting are organised by MindWise who are also passionate about Maternal Mental Health and involved in the campaign work, via MMHA.

At this point of the campaign each meeting, conversation and email feels like a step closer to when women and their families will finally get access to the support/services they need and deserve.

We remain hopeful and positive but we also recognise that this is not the time sit back and merely hope – we must continue to shine a light on all of this, to raise awareness, to work and to campaign.

So that’s what we are doing and will keep on doing until change comes!