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On Twitter and Facebook you’ll find a great network of people sharing their journey and offering peer support. Search @PNDandMe on Twitter or PND and Me on Facebook. Rosey runs a weekly chat community and connects & supports those affected by Perinatal Mental Illness via #PNDHour on Wednesdays  at 8pm. Check it out – there is brilliant help to be found. Her website is 

Support Organistions:



  • Eyes Without Sparkle: A Journey Through Postnatal Illness by Elaine A Hanzak
  • Surviving Post-Natal Depression: At Home, No One Hears You Scream by Cara Aiken.
  • How to be a Happy Mum: The Netmums Guide to Stress-free Family Life by Siobhan Freegard.
  • Fine (Not Fine) – Perspectives and Experiences of Postnatal Depression by Bridget Hargreave.
  • A Monster Ate My Mum – by Jen Faulkner (written to help children understand a parent’s struggle with the illness). You’ll find a great review of the book here – The Butterfly Mum blog.