Use It or Lose It.


On my way to the polling station early this morning, I overheard this:

‘Nah, I can’t be bothered with voting – what’s the point’?

GRRRRRRRRR. This infuriates me. What’s the point? Really? Hmmmm.

Surely, to vote is our responsibility, not only our right. It’s our responsibly to be involved in the process – if we expect candidates to play their part and put themselves forward for election then shouldn’t we be expected to play our part and vote?

I’ve also heard the comment:

‘’I refuse to vote, there is no-one worth voting for…this whole place has gone to pot’.  

Personally, I think this is just an excuse. And a lazy and selfish excuse at that. For those who make that call and really believe it my challenge is this – do something about it! Get involved in your local area and stand as an independent candidate – if there is no-one worth your vote this time, make sure that’s not the case next year.  I figure you must reckon you’d be able to do a better job, to have made that statement in the first place. Or join a political party (whichever one you want) and start to make your mark. Do something, rather than doing nothing except moaning. In my book,  if you don’t vote you lose you ‘right’. Your right to criticise, complain and protest when things don’t go your way.

But I also feel this way because, when I was voting earlier, I realised how thankful I am.

I’m thankful because:

  • I live in a country where I am allowed to vote – my voice and opinion counts.
  • I also can hold down my own job, make my own decisions, travel where ever I want to, have my own bank account, wear what I want and pursue my dreams.
  • I am not seen as my husband’s property, nor do I live to serve and obey him.
  • I can practice my faith in the open, without fear or intimidation.
  • I have access to a health service, education system, clean water and plenty food.

Therefore,  I am thankful.

For others, this is not the case. In other countries, I would not be charged with this right and responsibility. So I am thankful, I think we should all be thankful. Yes, there are things that need to change. There are plenty of issues I don’t agree with and decisions I don’t our politicians to make. But we need leaders in place in order move forward – thankfully we have a vote to decide who they should be.

I am not willing to put myself forward and undertake the hard work of being a Councillor, MLA, MEP or an MP.

I am, however, willing to play my part, to take my responsibly seriously and to vote.

The way I see it is – if I don’t use my responsibility, I lose my right.

Use it or lose it.

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