Help a local Mum develop PND Mental Health App!

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Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 14.53.51Local business women, Nuala Murphy, is calling on residents of Northern Ireland to help them win a share of £1,000,000 in prizes and pitch their business to Richard Branson as part of the Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 competition.

VOOM 2016 relies on public votes at to shortlist the UK and Ireland’s most exciting entrepreneurs.

Nuala Murphy, 35, from Belfast believes that her idea for HappyMummyHappyBabyApp has the idea to impress the public.

“HappyMummyHappyBaby is a mental health app that will screen for antenatal and postnatal depression and associated anxieties. Perinatal health disorders cost the UK £8.1Billion each year. 20% of women in the UK (and globally) suffer from some for of perinatal mood disorder with 70% saying they hide or downplay symptoms. Early detection is so important and with 50% of women saying they aren’t checked for mental health during pregnancy. We know that through early intervention sufferers can expect a 80%-90% recovery. I want to empower women and their families to protect their mental health at a very vulnerable stage of parenthood. !0% of men also suffer so my idea is for the whole family.”

Nuala Murphy runs her own marketing firm in Belfast, Malone Marketing and has experience in creating online communities already via the HappyMummyHappyBaby facebook page and as a regional leader for the Global organisation Lean In, founded by Sheryl Sandberg to encourage women to lean in to their ambitions.

Nuala understands the power of peer support and believes along with her extensive experience in business and marketing she can harness all her skills to kick the taboo surrounding maternal mental health issues to help the wellbeing of mothers and their families.

‘‘Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 is all about seeking out, supporting and celebrating the UK’s and Ireland’s most exciting businesses. It’s the biggest and most valuable pitch competition out there – we’re hoping everyone will find a way to get involved!’ says Sir Richard Branson.

Maternal Mental Health matters! I love Nuala’s idea and how exciting would it be for us to see this happen, by one of our own mummy’s, here in Belfast? Let’s help Nuala, by voting for her project! I have, you can too- HappyMummyHappyBaby at

We only have until next Tuesday until the voting closes so lets all together “Kick the taboo and make this happen”! 

For more information contact: 

  • Nuala Murphy
  • @nualafmurphy
  • 07855687749

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