Easter Saturday – Waiting, Wondering, Hoping?

It’s Easter Saturday, or Holy Saturday – the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, or the space between the cross and resurrection.

I have so many question about today – how were Jesus’ disciples feeling today and what were they doing? What about Mary and his family? Or the crowds that had followed him? The religious leaders and his critics? Or Roman rule and the soldiers who’d watched him die?

We know what’s coming next and anticipate it – we bear with the pain and the sorrow of the cross on Friday, knowing that Sunday is coming – but they didn’t have the story as we do.

So I imagine, as these hours passed, his friends and followers were in despair; they were hurting, confused; alone and feeling utterly abandoned. In their eyes, they had nothing to wait for, so much to question and all hope was gone.

The religious leaders were probably on top of the world. Smugly believing they’d  got their own way and life would go back to how it was supposed to be – them in charge and religion on their side. Roman rule may well have been rejoicing over their success, planning how life would be now, without this so-called ‘King of the Jews’, to compromise their authority

And yet the disciples, at least, should have been waiting, wondering and hoping. Jesus had told them this would happen, he had promised them that he had a plan. They just didn’t get it. Not that I’m suggesting I would have either but I’m guessing they weren’t spending this day anticipating. More likely, they had gone into hiding, head in hands, heart in boots and wishing that yesterday was only a dream.

Those are my assumption, I could be wrong. The bible says little about these hours, but then again why would the writers –  Sunday is the climax and they are keen to get to that part of the story. But I want to know more, to understand more. What about when the temple curtain was torn in two? When darkness covered the land? When the rocks spilt and the tombs, of many who had died, were broken open? Did ANYONE question these things? Surely they noticed? What did they think was going on?

I can suppose, you can suppose. My guess is they weren’t waiting, wondering and hoping for the empty tomb. Thankfully the resurrection didn’t depend on these men and women waiting, wondering and hoping. Thankfully I didn’t rest on any human being or human plan. Thankfully it rested on God’s plan and Jesus’ promise, that while he would be arrested, mocked, flogged and crucified he would raise to life, on the third day.

God has a tendency to work in ways that we don’t expect or understand. Whatever you might be waiting, wondering and hoping for today, hold tight to the promise that God is at work, He has a plan, He knows what’s He’s doing and there is nothing that can get in His way. Like, the disciples, you might have no idea how He’s going to turn your situation or circumstances around or solve the problem, but He does. My bet is, His solution will surprise you!

So this Easter Saturday, as we are waiting, wondering and hoping, I am thankful that we can shout with assurance and confidence– roll on Sunday!