Welcome to Have you seen that girl?

Have you seen that girl? is an award winning movement founded by Lindsay Robinson.
It’s dedicated to raising awareness of maternal & parental mental health and sign-posting parents to help, support and community.

 It’s also involved in delivering training on perinatal mental health; organising/speaking at events and conferences; and campaigning for improved services across the UK.

Raising Awareness & Sharing Stories

Lindsay began sharing her personal story in 2015, which you can find HERE and realised that there are other mums and dads who are also struggling, with many not sure where to turn for help and support.

Over the years, lots of other parents have also joined in and have shared part of their own journey, questions, mental health issues or illnesses. You’ll find these HERE . 

If you have a story you’d like to share please email haveyouseenthatgirl@outlook.com for more information.

Partnering with View Digital and the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, Have you seen that girl? was delighted to be invited to be the Guest Editor for an issue focusing solely on Maternal Mental Health. The edition is packed full of stories from parents who have struggled with mental illness; health care professionals who offer help and support; and charity/peer support groups who provide programmes and encouragement to all parents on their journey. You can see that HERE. 

Sign-Posting To Help & Support

We’ve created a leaflet which includes some of Lindsay’s personal story, sign and symptoms of maternal mental ill-health and also where to find help & support.

The leaflets can be posted, free of charge, if you’d like one or a bundle. Just email haveyouseenthatgirl@outlook.com

There’s also a place on the website where you can find links to help & support HERE.